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Welcome to Avchem (a division of Haastcm)

Avchem is the leading provider of Chemical Management Services (CMS) to the aerospace and electronics industry. It is our mission to manage all aspects of our customers' direct and indirect chemicals while delivering measurable savings. We understand total cost of ownership, and are focused on providing the best value to our customers through best product price, reducing total spend, supporting lean manufacturing initiatives and active waste reduction. Our core business is the procurement and lifecycle management of aerospace and electronics products with unique storage needs, shelf-lives, specification requirements, and other regulatory issues. Our processes and systems are designed specifically for work environments where a complex variety of high quality materials are managed and tracked directly to the users.


To deliver world class processes, people, and tools that manage chemicals for our clients, while providing a superior return to our employees and investors.

Avchem Quality, Environmental, Safety, and Health Policy